Chef Gray’s Monthly Wine Selection

Susan Fields Wines
Winemaker Jim Porter began building his dream during his college years. After graduation, the dream began to take flight. Working in the basement of a house in Northern California using utensils pilfered from the kitchen, he applied all that he’d learned up to that time and created an impressive series of homemade vintages. The next piece of Jim’s dream involved searching California’s Central Coast where he discovered the unique characteristics of soil and microclimate at each of the regions numerous vineyards, determining where to find grapes of the highest quality. Once he found the best, he was able to create what his dream required - wines of distinction and unparalleled quality; elegant, yet approachable. 

Susan Fields Chardonnay 2012

Clean and crisp with bursts of apple, peach and pear. Clean mineral finish with good acidity tat lends itself to hand rolled pasta, grilled fish and wild mushrooms.  

glass $12 /bottle $45 

Susan Fields Pinot Noir 2011

This Pinot Noir offers ripe aromas of cherry, tart raspberry and strawberry with slight forest earthiness. It has subtle flavors of exotic spice, smoky herbs, vanilla and black tea.  

glass $15 /bottle $60 

Susan Fields Bordeaux Blend 2011

Aromas of chocolates and cherries create an alluring nose that immediately draws you into this sumptuous red blend. On the palate, there is an abundance of black fruit with undertones of cocoa and white pepper. Notes of black cherry and a hint of eucalyptus linger on the finish.

glass $14 / bottle$55


The Equinox wine list changes frequently to incorporate the best varieties and years available. Many boutique wines, as well as ‘stand by favorites’, can be found on our evolving inventory. The list is designed to entice patrons to try new selections paired with each dish. Our wines are perfect compliments to the many layers of flavors in each course.