Why Do Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell Funny?

Rappahannock River Asparagus - fresh off the farm truck

Rappahannock River Asparagus - fresh off the farm truck

Potato Gnocchi with asparagus, morel mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns

Potato Gnocchi with asparagus, morel mushrooms and fiddlehead ferns


As the weather & seasons change, of course so do the gifts from mother nature. There is nothing better than eating fresh produce in its dominant season.  As for asparagus, its Mid-Atlantic season begins in late February and runs through July. Although asparagus season is somewhat brief, the freshness and vibrancy of each crunchy stalk is well worth the wait. The origins of this delicious forest green vegetable date back to early Greece, where it was believed that asparagus contained medicinal properties that cured toothaches.

As for the disturbing smell of your urine, the reason is because of one special chemical that is only found in asparagus: Asparagusic

[uh-spar-uh-guh- sick] acid. After your body digests the asparagus, the chemical is broken down into sulfur-containing compounds which only take 15-30 minutes for the distinctive aroma to be generated.  Although eating this distinctive vegetable may result in a not-entirely-pleasant smell, asparagus contains a compound that destroys carcinogens, which helps fight against certain cancers.

At Equinox, we are busy preparing this delicious stalk in a variety of dishes, such as Pan Seared Diver Scallops with Pineapple Caper Butter, Grilled Asparagus & Artichoke Chips & Grilled Angus Beef Hanger Steak with Spinach & Ricotta Gundi, Spring Asparagus and Celery Root Mousseline.

My Darling, Clementine


Clementines have really gained in popularity over the last five years as being a snack of choice for many. And why not? They are hand-sized, portable, healthy and delicious! This vitamin packed fruit is actually a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange. Sweet little Clementines were introduced onto the world’s stage in 1902 when Brother Clement Rodier noticed that accidental hybridization had occurred in the garden of his orphanage in Misserghin, Algeria. He worked with the orphanage’s citrus trees and noticed an uncultivated tree on the edges of the garden. Thorns had grown up around it and it looked rather neglected. He made grafts from this tree and in short, the clementine was born! The orphans named the fruit after the good Brother which are actually, neither an orange nor a mandarin. Another story is linked to this winter fruit’s origins and that is that Clementines were first discovered in China much earlier than when the good Brother founded his. Quite frankly, both stories are true giving this little fruit an air of mystery along with its happy countenance.

Clementines are very similar to tangerines with an easy to peel skin. The fruit of the clementine is red in color placing it in the blood citrus family. It bursts with sweet, juicy taste and is extremely tender. If you are growing this delectable citrus, it should be seedless. If it isn’t that means cross-pollination has occurred. Though this citrus can be found in the stores year-round, Clementines join the winter citrus lineup as being a very healthy fruit to help us build our antibodies and guard against winter illnesses. All good things come from these little powerhouses. They are one of the “superfoods” offering a mountain of taste and wellness all packaged into a sweet little bundle of love. Clementines are jammed full with vitamins! Did you know that 59% of the clementine is Vitamin C? This little citrus is probably the most popular of the winter citrus family. They are cute, tasty and healthy for you, too! Plus, they make you feel all sunny inside during the long cold months of winter.

To celebrate the darling Clementine, we have created a special craft soda including this fruit and its taste sensation combined with the mellow, tropical tones of pineapple to offer our customers a blend like no other. Come taste the hope of the warm and sunny months to come in one large glass of pure heaven.  Add a little sunshine to your stormy day and a little Clementine to make you smile. This citrus will surely brighten your day, your health, and your mood as no other food possibly can!